Mobility in the 21st Century: The Equipment Room in Your Pocket

President Bill Clinton had less access to info than tohigh school students on their smartphones today.

President Bill Clinton had less access to info on board Air Force One than high school students on their smartphones today.

When Bill Clinton was President of the United States, he had less access to information while aboard Air Force One than today’s high school students have through their smartphones at a basketball game.

Just twenty years ago, one could fill a truck with the amount of equipment now available in your pocket. From a high-definition camera & video editing software to a compass & advanced mapping technology, today’s mobile phones empower their owners with more capabilities than ever before.

To truly grasp the astonishing growth of the mobile field just check out the Greater IBM Connection blog on 15 Amazing Mobile Growth Trends, or just these top 3 of the 15 amazing statistics & trends on mobile growth from IBM@Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

  1. Global mobile data traffic grew 81 percent in 2013
  2. 25% of enterprises will have an enterprise app store by 2017
  3. By 2018, the average smartphone will generate 500% more data than today
(Image Credit: IBM MWC)

Mobile communications growth is hard to grasp in terms of growth. (Image Credit: IBM MWC)

For those in the law enforcement industry, this is both a blessing & a curse. For those who can adapt quickly, these advances mean that every officer can be equipped with vital evidence capturing equipment. For those who lag behind, the advances give the public an upper hand in allegations of misconduct.

In some cases where officers have been without a record of unfolding events at a crime scene, agencies have resorted to purchasing cameras & smartphones from civilians who documented the incident, at great cost to the agency. The only way to truly protect truth in the 21st century is to have a record of each officer’s perspective in an altercation.

TASER & exist to put the best technology at the fingertips of the law enforcement industry. TASER’s AXON cameras capture invaluable point-of-view video, but unfortunately the technological infrastructure of many police agencies is outdated & ill-equipped to handle the data-rich nature of video evidence. was created in response to this need. is a cloud-based digital evidence management system that allows users to manage, store & share digital evidence in a manner that is streamlined & secure. For digital evidence gathering, is a treasure trove of resources, but there’s yet another factor that sets it apart from other cloud-based services: EVIDENCE Mobile.

EVIDENCE Mobile App -- puts a digital evidence recorder in your pocket: part audio recorder, part video recorder & part digital evidence management interface.

EVIDENCE Mobile App — puts a digital evidence recorder in your pocket: part audio recorder, part video recorder & part digital evidence management interface.’s crime scene app, EVIDENCE Mobile, puts a digital evidence recorder in your pocket: part audio recorder, part video recorder & part digital evidence management interface. This police mobile app is a state-of-the-art feature available to the users of It’s one of many ways TASER & are working to equip law enforcement with the technology of the 21st century, so they can be prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Today’s advances in technology bring invaluable capabilities to the brave hands of those in law enforcement, but they also bring new challenges. With & EVIDENCE Mobile, agencies can ensure they are at the cutting edge of evidence capturing & digital evidence management capabilities. TASER has built a long history of meeting the ever-evolving needs of law enforcement, & we’re just getting started.

Watch how EVIDENCE Mobile can fit in your pocket for the 21st Century Mobility.

RoboCop: the Future of Police Technology

We all have an innate curiosity about what’s coming around the corner. We scour the web for what next year’s iPhone will look like. We watch movies where smart criminals manipulate data on translucent screens & see through buildings. We pay money to watch RoboCop movies believing that Hollywood has insight to the future of policing.  We are living in the age of smart technology, & yet we are still begging to know what the technology of tomorrow will look like.

RoboCop Helmet

At TASER, we’re no different. We work tirelessly to anticipate the future needs of law enforcement to stop tomorrow’s criminals, while creating cutting-edge technology to equip the law enforcement industry with everything they need to stop them.

When we introduced the AXON body & AXON flex body-worn cameras in 2012 & 2013, we took pieces of technology previously reserved for the silver screen to Main Street, equipping officers with the unmatched point of view (POV) perspective of body-worn video. Our AXON wearable tech is radically improving the lives of law enforcement officers, providing their perspective of a wide range of events, including routine traffic stops, “stop & frisks,”& even intense domestic disturbances & other volatile situations, while preserving invaluable evidence.   Some like Gizmodo even called our on officer cameras as RoboCop-esque.

But we at TASER aren’t getting comfortable. The future of crime is uncertain, so we’re innovating to keep the law enforcement industry ahead of the curve. A recent Fox News story looked into the metaphorical crystal ball, predicting effortless crowd control, instant suspect identification & X-ray vision. Amidst all of these futuristic predictions? A reference to today’s body cameras:  “One of the key aspects of the ‘digital revolution’ already under way in the form of ongoing trials at police departments in Los Angeles, London & Byron, Ga., is the use of body cameras.” Sometimes, the future is right in front of us.

Policing of the future in New Zealand. Sgt   TASER X2 Smart Weapon and AXON flex camera

Policing of the future in New Zealand. Sgt TASER X2 Smart Weapon and AXON flex camera

TASER’s AXON flex & AXON body cameras are among the most advanced pieces of law enforcement technology on the market today, incorporating live-stream body-worn video into the equipment lockers of police officers. It was only through a rigorous cycle of invention, testing & reinvention that we were able to develop these products, & it’s a cycle we apply daily as we look toward the future.

So if the criminals of tomorrow use GPS bullets, robotics, or other sci-fi worthy weapons, we’ll be ready with equipment to protect officers & civilians alike.

While this may portend to some type of futuristic RoboCop, keep in mind that law enforcement isn’t ahead of the technology curve just yet.  Most agencies are awaking to the fact their while their officers personally use incredible consumer technology, the agencies themselves don’t use the most up to date technology simply because the tech comes to consumers first while law enforcement waits for tech to catch up to them.

In an NBC News report, Meet the Mega Cop:  High-Tech Crime Gear Transforms Police Work, experts report that the straight-forward mission of police as we know it is rapidly giving way to a more complex nuance form of equipment & policy.  Tyler Izen, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League which represents nearly 10,000 officers, said the rapid-fire changes sweeping police departments across the country are, “like the difference in getting across the country on horseback like the pioneers did or flying in a jet from New York to California.  And it’s happened in the span of a career.”

At TASER, we’re proud that we’re pushing law enforcement into the future of technology a la Captain Kirk’s Star Trek opening monologue: “to boldly go where no man (police officer) has gone before.” We’re leading the way not to RoboCop but into the future with cloud computing, body worn video cameras & even into TASER Smart Weapons.

As the Jackson (MS) Chief Lindsey Horton says,

“We don’t expect them to be RoboCops, but we have to embrace technology.  It’s not optional anymore.”

AXON flex body worn video - the future of point of view policing.
AXON flex body worn video – the future of point of view policing.



Evidence Mobile: The Future Has Arrived


EVIDENCE Mobile works with audio, camera, video & SLR cameras.

Twenty years ago, evidence was something that filled filing cabinets, required keys & credentials, & was available to be seen by one person at a time. An audio recorder used miniature cassette tapes, & video recording was done by news cameras. An “app” was nothing but a typo.

Times have changed.

Today, evidence is increasingly in a digital format, with smartphones used by civilians & law enforcement agencies alike to capture, organize & share digital evidence. TASER’s is a pioneer in digital evidence management, putting digital evidence gathering in officers’ pockets through its mobile law enforcement app, EVIDENCE Mobile. EVIDENCE Mobile is a comprehensive crime scene app & digital evidence management system: part audio recorder, part image & video recorder & full-time officer sidekick.

EVIDENCE Mobile was born out of the need for officers to capture evidence in the field using their smartphone. Most do so today even when their agency has policies against it. The result is officers forgetting to transfer the files to the department & forgetting to delete them afterwards, putting them & the department at risk. EVIDENCE Mobile puts secure evidence capturing capabilities in your pocket & manages the chain of custody for you. With one app on one device, officers can collect photos, video & audio, & conveniently upload evidence from the field to The files are automatically deleted once they have been securely transferred.

Because of EVIDENCE Mobile, officers around the country are experiencing a radical shift in digital evidence gathering. Coronado Police Department in California began using with their adoption of AXON products in 2009, becoming one of the first agencies to use the cutting-edge digital evidence technology. In 2012, the agency adopted EVIDENCE Mobile, equipping every department mobile phone with the police mobile app. Today, the majority of the police force has EVIDENCE Mobile on their personal &  their department-provide mobile phone.


“I use it all the time myself. It’s really made things simpler for me,” said Coronado Police Sergeant Matthew Mitchell.

Coronado Police Sergeant Matthew Mitchell says that EVIDENCE Mobile “is definitely an application that has increased productivity in the field.” The app has brought simplicity to tasks as routine as issuing parking & traffic citations. Mitchell says, “It’s replaced a bulky SLR-type camera. It’s streamlining our operations. The parking control officer can snap some photos, add some metadata, & not worry about burning evidence to CD’s. I use it all the time myself. It’s really made things simpler for me.”

EVIDENCE Mobile is changing the way law enforcement agencies record & manage digital evidence in the field. It’s making evidence collection easier, digital evidence management more streamlined, & evidence sharing as easy as sending a text — & it all fits in your pocket.

AXON flex body-worn camera with EVIDENCE Mobile App

AXON flex body-worn camera with EVIDENCE Mobile App

Protecting Truth: How Safeguards Highly Sensitive Evidence

Lock backgroundWe’ve all read the headlines: “30 million credit card numbers stolen,” “Major Security Breach Puts Millions at Risk,” “Scope of Identity Theft Wider than Originally Thought.” It seems that not a week passes without a company announcing that customer data has been compromised.

At, we read the same headlines as you do.  We also work tirelessly to safeguard your evidence from malicious attacks. In fact, we spend more than $1,000,000 per year on security alone. We even hire security experts to try to break into our systems to ensure our protections are strong. What does all of this mean? When you use for management of your digital evidence, you are storing your evidence in a system that is designed for the unique needs of law enforcement & evidence protection. uses best-in-class security measures that meets & often exceeds the CJIS security standards necessary to store law enforcement data. Law enforcement cloud computing with’s services makes image management & digital evidence management secure against the most common & advanced threats on the internet.

Additionally, includes safety features tailored specifically to the strict standards required in public safety cloud technology. That means no SD cards or CDs that are easily lost, compromised, broken, purchased, &/or copied without permission.  It also means:

  • 256-bit encryption to comply with federal & international standards
  • Redundant backups to prevent data loss & ensure continual access
  • Automatic updates that integrate state-of-the art security enhancements
  • Audit Trails that monitor the critical chain of custody

At, we adhere to the following Digital Evidence Management Cloud Provider Security Checklist, ensuring that all of our technology complies with stringent standards:

  • The solution provider should be transparent & demonstrate a dedication to security.
  • The solution provider should demonstrate compliance to necessary security requirements & regulations.
  • The solution should provide for confidentiality of digital evidence by limiting access to authorized parties, & by protecting data from malicious or accidental disclosure.
  • The solution should ensure the integrity of digital evidence by protecting it from malicious or accidental deletion or manipulation.
  • The solution should ensure that digital evidence is available on demand, & that the service is robust against disasters & system failure.
Is this how your digital evidence is protected?

Is this how your digital evidence is protected?


We believe in the security of our digital evidence management systems not because we think a security threat will happen to us, but because we understand the reality of security threats & are prepared. Security is a major priority at, which is why we are proactively creating new safeguards to ensure the integrity of your evidence & the security of your data. is a business unit of TASER International, & we take seriously our mission to protect life & to protect truth through the security measures of

Wearable Technology & Law Enforcement’s Early Adopters

TASER led the way with wearable technology & a Cambridge University Study at Rialto PD reinforced its measurable success.

Open any technology magazine or watch CNN for more than ten minutes today & you’re likely to see a story about wearable technology. From Google Glass to Samsung’s smart watch to smart contact lenses, consumers & business analysts alike are abuzz with what the future could look like with the advance of body worn technology. What you may not know is that TASER was a pioneer in wearable technology years before it was even a term.

There once was a day when an officer’s point of view (POV) was recorded only in his memory, & protected only by his word. When we introduced TASER conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) in 1998, it was a game-changer for the law enforcement community, adding a less lethal option to officers’ utility belts. With the increase in use of TASER CEWs, we recognized a need for greater accountability for civilians  & officers alike, & went to work creating the TASER CAM recorder, a battery pack with a built-in black & white video camera in 2006.   The success was immediate & more than 60,000 TASER CAM & the newer full color TASER CAM HD recorders on the streets have  provided an entirely new aspect to transparency as these accessories recorded incidents when a CEW was deployed.  With this wearable camera, the “he said/she said” claims dropped rather quickly during TASER deployments.


AXON flex cameras can be worn on Oakley® Flak Jacket Glasses & can be easily moved to the magnet attached to his collar.


The success of this product naturally led to the visionary development of a body worn camera for officers, to record video from the perspective of the officer but not just when a TASER CEW was deployed. While dash board cameras were popular, they missed 90% of the action & thus the cameras of the future had to be body worn – hence wearable.

The AXON flex & AXON body cameras were introduced in 2008 & 2013, respectively, equipping officers with simple yet powerful body worn video technology for all day patrol use.  The AXON flex cameras were created based on feedback from thousands of law enforcement officers. This customer-driven police camera is one of the most flexible body worn police cameras on the market. It has multiple mounting options, empowering officers to wear the camera on eyewear, caps, collars, & more. The AXON body took the camera capabilities of the flex & put them in an even simpler wearable unit.

The best technology is that which appears simple & intuitive, but is robust in capabilities. When we designed the AXON body worn cameras, we wanted to make something so advanced that officers would not only be willing to wear them, but ask for them by name too.  Our wearable technology now contains a laundry list of features designed with today’s law enforcement environment in mind. From low-light video capturing, full shift batteries, & industry-leading durability, to in-the-field video review & drop-and-go upload of video, AXON products have set the standard in on-officer video technology.

Today, both AXON body & AXON flex on-officer cameras are available to law enforcement agencies looking for camera solutions. Both cameras feature dock-and-go capabilities & automatic upload of videos to, giving precious time back to officers. Police cameras now come in many forms, & agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of body worn video.  A Cambridge University study Case study showed the AXON flex camera dramatically reduced complaints by 88 percent & use of force by nearly 60 percent.  Clearly body worn provides better behavior on both sides of the badge. The most valuable police cameras are body worn cameras, & we firmly believe that the best body worn cameras on the market carry the AXON name. TASER’s mission to protect life & protect truth drives us to continue to lead & innovate, delivering cutting-edge technology driven by the needs of law enforcement.


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