Police Video Benefits – Evolution of In-Car Cameras/Dash Cams

We’re all aware of how succesful in-car cameras have been in resolving law enforcement he said/she said situations.  Law enforcement has readily adopted in-car cameras or dash cams because they’ve seen police video benefits & benefits of video evidence in general.  A November 2006 IACP report showed statistical data indicating that 96.2 percent of the time, the video recording of an event exonerated the officer of the allegation or complaint.

You might not realize this but 90% of an officer’s job occurs outside the view of their dash cameras.  Because of this, the TASER CAM & now TASER AXON are the future of law enforcement. 

In 2006, we launched our TASER CAM  recorders to provide that missing coverage outside the scope of the front windshield of an in-car camera and specifically to when TASER ECDs were aimed at suspects.  The success of these cameras eventually led to our role as the number one provider of on-officer cameras with more than 50,000 TASER CAMs in use at 2,683 law enforcement agencies.

The evolution is a replacement of many of the in-car cameras with an on-officer camera system.  In 2008 we launched the AXON on-officer camera.  In one of its very first pilot programs this camera exonerated a Ft. Smith officer involved in a deadly shooting event in 11 days and proved to go where no dash cam has gone before.

We’re all familiar with the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  What do you think a video’s worth for preventing false claims, protecting law enforcement officer’s reputations, preventing excessive force claims, litigation, transparency, and accountability?

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  1. redwood says:

    I think most people would be shocked to learn how many accusations against law enforcement are false.

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