TASER BOLT: End of Life Notice

Posted by Anthony Carli on 10/18/18 12:49 PM


The TASER Bolt device is being retired as of October 17, 2018.

The TASER Bolt has been a valued product line since 2002, and this end of life decision was made as part of our on-going product lifecycle management process. As TASER device technology continues to evolve, first generation products eventually reach the end of their useful life and components become increasingly harder to source, making support for these products no longer feasible. We will still offer the TASER Pulse as a suggested replacement.

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Announcing The Lightning Club!

Posted by Anthony Carli on 5/29/18 11:00 AM

 Here at TASER, we know that not everyone is comfortable with using their device right out of the box. That's why we're excited to announce The Lighting Club, a monthly subscription program that equips you with cartridges while also coaching your practice so you can get comfortable with your device and be confident in self-defense situations. 

TASER The Lightning Club

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Today is International Women's Day. Here's what we're doing to #PressforProgress

Posted by Brandy Shaffer on 3/8/18 11:00 AM

A Guest Post by Axon's Brandy Shaffer, the Product Manager for Axon Signal Sidearm and UAS. She also leads our Diversity & Inclusion committee.

Today is International Women's Day, a celebration of the achievements of women all over the globe. We are in a unique spot this year because there is strong global momentum towards gender equality. Yet, we're still too far from where we need to be. The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap 2017 report showed that gender parity across the world continues to widen and will now take over two centuries to achieve. Two centuries.

Global Gender Gap
(Image courtesy of World Economic Forum, Global Gender Gap Report 2017)

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We're Coming to You, New Jersey!

Posted by Anthony Carli on 10/20/17 12:00 PM

On Sunday, New Jerseyans will score a victory: The ban on TASER products will be lifted across the state, allowing consumers to legally own products like the TASER Pulse and Bolt!

TASER Legalization NJ

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"Bolts Against Breast Cancer" Auction FAQs

Posted by Anthony Carli on 10/16/17 1:49 PM

TASER Self-Defense is auctioning off ten exclusive pink TASER Bolts over the span of two weeks, with five Bolts being auctioned per week. All proceeds will go directly to Cancer Support Community Arizona! The first week will begin October 16th at 8am PST and run through October 22nd at midnight PST; the second week will be October 23rd at 8am PST through October 31st at midnight PST.


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TASER Debate Heats Up In Washington D.C.

Posted by Anthony Carli on 10/27/16 3:25 PM

The debate over the legalization of conductive electronic weapons (CEWs) found its way into our nation’s capital earlier this year.

TASER Debate Washington DC

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Georgia Colleges Ramp Up Self-Protection Plans

Posted by Anthony Carli on 9/29/16 3:28 PM

A major change came to Georgia college campuses this year, and we’re not talking about a new science building.

College Campus Carry Laws

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A Victory for Self-Defense in Michigan

Posted by Anthony Carli on 9/27/16 3:30 PM

In the midst of legal battles for civilian TASER ownership, let’s take a look at a recent victory for conductive electronic weapons (CEWs).

Michigan Governor

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New Jersey Fights to Become "TASER-friendly" State

Posted by Anthony Carli on 9/13/16 3:32 PM

In 2006, New Jersey became the last state to authorize the use of TASER weapons for local law enforcement, but they may not be the last to legalize them for the general public. 

TASER State Regulations

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Supreme Court Strikes Down TASER Ban in Massachusetts

Posted by Anthony Carli on 9/8/16 3:35 PM

A recent Supreme Court ruling has started the discussion for the legalization of CEWs in Massachusetts.

TASER Pulse Holster

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