A PSA on ATM Safety

Posted by Anthony Carli on 8/16/17 12:00 PM


Using an ATM is a pretty ordinary task. You walk up, withdraw some cash, deposit a check - whatever it may be - and you’re on your way. However, in this day-and-age, criminals have become much more adept at accessing your account information and savings through underhanded technological schemes. Sounds crazy, right? Let’s explore some of the ways YOU can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of ATM thieves.

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3 Running Apps That Will Change The Way You Run

Posted by Anthony Carli on 6/8/17 12:00 PM

running apps.jpg

Technology has wiggled its way into every facet of our daily lives, primarily due to society’s reliance on the utility and availability of mobile applications. Apps can wake you in the morning, start your car, enable your home security system, stream your favorite songs, contact friends and family - all at the touch of a button. Runners have begun utilizing various applications to track their exercise and maintain their safety as well; however, which single application is best? Let’s take a look at some of the most effective apps on the market:

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Top 10 Back-to-School Safety Tips

Posted by Anthony Carli on 6/5/17 1:51 PM

back to school.jpg

It's back-to-school season! Incoming freshmen are moving into their first college dorms, returning students are jumping back into the hustle and bustle of campus life, and seasoned professors are preparing their lecture plans for the semester. What could go wrong?

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The Headphone Dilemma

Posted by Anthony Carli on 5/31/17 12:00 PM

It’s safe to say everyone appreciates the company of an MP3 player while running. Some blast a playlist through their earbuds, lighting a fire throughout their muscles. Others value softer music that enhances the serenity of a mid-morning run around the neighborhood. Regardless of musical preference, the distractive nature of an MP3 player can result in a severe lack of awareness and an increased vulnerability to hazards on your run.

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Carry Safety By Your Side with a TASER Holster

Posted by Anthony Carli on 5/24/17 12:00 PM

Whether you’re simply off to the grocery store, going to a doctor’s appointment, going out for a late-night / early-morning run, or rushing across campus to make it to your first class of the day, you may be wondering how to best carry your TASER device. 

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6 Tips to Safely Conquer Your Local Running Trails

Posted by Anthony Carli on 5/17/17 12:00 PM

With summertime closing in, people are starting to take their daily exercise outdoors to soak in the seasonal sunshine. Trail running is the popular choice, yet most individuals unfamiliar with this adventurous form of cardio underestimate the challenge of a standard run. This obliviousness can lead to disaster; however, these helpful tips should ensure that you stay safe and have a blast while running a trail!

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7 Useful Safety Tips for Moms (And Children!)

Posted by Anthony Carli on 5/10/17 12:00 PM


With Mother's Day right around the corner, what better time to tackle some of the self-defense and awareness essentials of motherhood? Let’s take a look at 7 useful safety tactics that any mama bear can employ:

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Safeguard Your Easter Celebrations with These Helpful Tips

Posted by Anthony Carli on 4/12/17 12:49 PM


Easter is right around the corner! Hopefully, your weekend plans are filled to the brim with family, friends, food, a classic egg hunt - you name it. Ensure nothing disrupts the festivities with these six helpful Easter safety tips:

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How to Dress for Self-Defense in Winter

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 12/14/16 2:01 PM


With icy sidewalks, chilling winds and numb hands – it’s as important as ever to get ready with self-defense in-mind.

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Brave The Crowds With Our Black Friday Safety Survival Guide

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 11/18/16 2:17 PM


When the turkey, mashed potatoes and plates of dessert have settled, it's time to set your sights on finding a gift for everyone on your list. With lines getting longer and crowds getting rowdier, many Americans have opted to find the sweetest deals online or stay home altogether.

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