TASER – What’s in a Name?

page1-402px-Tom_Swift_and_His_Electric_Rifle.djvuTASER International is one of the most recognized names in law enforcement. For both law enforcement officers & civilians it has become a household name, but do you know where  “TASER” comes from? TASER is a nod to the book that inspired our conducted electrical weapon (CEWs) — Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle by Victor Appleton.

The inventor of the original TASER CEWs, John H. “Jack” Cover, grew up reading Tom Swift books. Tom Swift’s character was young, inventive science buff, natural genius & appeared as a character in six series of books beginning in 1910.  Many could have described Jack Cover as a modern day Tom Swift.

The character was created by Edward Stratemeyer, founder of the book-packing company called Stratemeyer Syndicate.  Many of the books were written by different ghostwriters & published under the collective pseudonym of Victor Appleton.

Jack  found it fitting to name his invention after one of Tom Swift’s inventions called the Electric Rifle which was a gun that fired bolts of electricity. Thus, used Tom Swift’s Electric Rifle or “TSER.”   But that’s not TASER, is it?

In a humorous twist, Jack Cover got tired of answering his company phone with “T, S, E, R.”  So, he later added the “A” & created the acronym as a registered trademark, TASER (owned by TASER International).

Now that’s an interesting acronym with a great story behind it.

Now do you know what TASR stands for?

Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle by Victor Appleton

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