How to change the battery of a TASER Pulse

Posted by Anthony Carli on 8/12/21 11:01 AM

The TASER Pulse device has a substantial battery life and is designed to last for up to 1  year or 50 full 30-second cycles. However, if you have armed your device and noticed the yellow or red battery indicator light, it is time to purchase a new battery. Once the new battery has arrived, reference the video below for a step-by-step demonstration!


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Safety Tips: Summer Edition

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 7/2/21 10:27 AM


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I’ve trained in Afghanistan and Haiti ... This is why I recommend TASER devices as one of the best personal safety options.

Posted by Robin Churn on 6/22/21 12:28 PM

love for TASER began three years ago while taking my first training class. Since then, I’ve become a certified TASER trainer and instructor, teaching individuals how to protect themselves with confidence. I also teach firearm safety courses, backed with an extensive firearms background – 10 years in the United States Army, 16 years with the Raleigh, NC Police Department and four years as a United Nations Law Enforcement Professional and Training Advisor in Afghanistan and Haiti. Through it all,
I strongly recommend TASER devices as the best non-lethal option for self-defense and personal safety.

My passion for teaching began after I had been approached many times by women at a shooting range, asking if I was a firearms instructor. I wasn’t certified to teach, nor was I sure if I could, but finally my husband said to me, “That's pretty much your calling.” And the rest is history.

In every class I teach, the first product I recommend is a TASER device, and here’s why:

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National Safety Month: Let’s Talk Prevention

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 6/1/21 12:00 PM

June is National Safety Month, and it’s gotten us thinking a lot about the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In our lives, we tend to focus on the big threats and how we can prevent or at least minimize them from affecting us. But how often do we think about the little things we could be doing to every day to keep ourselves safe?


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Joelle & Jeanne's Mother-Daughter Safety Q&A

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 4/21/21 2:15 PM

We sat down with Joelle Rozek, recent MBA grad from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and Business Analyst on the TASER Self-Defense team, and her mom Jeanne to learn more about their journeys with self-defense and how TASER products fit into their lifestyle.


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Made For Spring Break: Travel Safety on the Road

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 4/8/21 8:30 AM

It’s spring, the start of vacation season. With the coronavirus still sticking around, more people are likely to hit the road for travel than risk it in crowded airports and airplanes.

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Introducing TASER Instructor Steven Dana, Protection From Abuse

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 3/22/21 5:44 PM

TASER Self-Defense is excited to partner with the non-profit organization Protection From Abuse, led by founder and certified TASER instructor Steven Dana. Protection From Abuse is a charity that provides free safety and security services to victim-survivors of domestic abuse, stalking, and other violent crimes. Steven and his organization provide security services, safety guidance, and self-defense training to help hundreds of women each year gain confidence and feel safer in their communities. Learn more about Steven and the work his organization does in the Q&A below.


Steven J. Dana, Founder & CEO, Protection From Abuse

Close Protection, Victim-Witness Protection, Risk Management, Threat Assessment & Threat Management, Safety Planning, Tactical Driving, and Women’s Safety and Self-Defense.

PROTECTION FROM ABUSE guides hundreds of women each year on critical safety issues affecting their very life and health. However, there is a considerable gap between receiving guidance and someone’s ability to reliably execute upon that guidance. Therefore, it became critical for my organization to enter the training space to bridge that gap, and as all things concerning the Organization, I lead from the front. It excites me to know that a single safety tip or strategy can be the tool in a someone’s personal toolbox that might one day save their life or help them avoid victimization.

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Kylie's Real Story: TASER Pulse+

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 3/9/21 2:54 PM

Being prepared in a self-defense situation can make the difference between a safe getaway or an unthinkable outcome. We can't stress enough the importance of preparation and practice, and our user stories demonstrate how TASER devices allowed a safe escape from a scary situation. 

Here’s a real-world story submitted to us from Kylie R., who was able to make a safe escape using a TASER Pulse+.


My husband purchased this [Pulse+ device] for me after a scary encounter one evening with my daughter at the park. We live in a pro 2nd state and we both usually carry. But my [sic] husband fights with "demons" from having shot an intruder at 2AM in our living room. The intruder passed away and my husband has struggled with it ever since. He is so persistent in letting me know he never wants me to feel [sic] that pain, and wanted to make sure I could easily protect myself and our daughter if something were to happen.

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Women Deserve to Live Without Fear

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 3/2/21 11:30 AM

March is Women’s History Month. And despite Lean In and #MeToo and more attention to violence and harassment against women than ever before, we still live in a time when women can’t go about their daily lives without looking over their shoulder.

Women deserve to live without fear

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Dating Safely During COVID

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 2/5/21 11:24 AM

For many of us, the pandemic has only highlighted the importance of relationships and companionship. As you navigate the world of dating during the pandemic, here are ways to reduce your risk and stay safe while you search for meaningful connection. 

Valentine Dating Safety
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