4 Ways to Stay Safe for Ladies’ Night Out

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 2/13/20 10:28 AM

Making reservations. Picking the perfect outfit. Deciding hair up or down. Of all the things you’re thinking about when your friends get together for a fun ladies’ night out, we’ll bet the last thing on your mind is how to stay safe.

But whether you’re gathering for Galentine’s Day, celebrating a special occasion or planning an epic evening, make sure your group takes a few minutes to make a game plan for ensuring nothing keeps your night from being one of the best of your lives.



Not sure where to start? The TASER Self-Defense team has a helpful list of tips for staying safe while staying in the moment.

Create a Secret Hand Signal or Phrase
Maybe someone is staring at your friend from across a restaurant. Or maybe someone won’t leave your group alone at a bar. Or perhaps you get a bad feeling while walking down the street to your next stop.

Having a secret hand signal or phrase among your friends is a great way to quickly and safely signal that something is making you uncomfortable or on high alert. Discuss beforehand some possible actions you can take to get back into a safety zone.

Hit Up Familiar Places
This might not be the time to try a brand-new place. If you want to relax and enjoy your evening, stick to places you’ve been to before and know are safe, comfortable environments.

You may even want to make a list of spots that use secret codes to help protect their patrons. For example, if you order an “angel shot” or ask to speak to “Angela” at certain restaurants or nightlife hotspots, you’re alerting the staff that you feel unsafe and need them to step in.

Designate a “Mother Hen”
Everyone in your group deserves to enjoy their night out. But much like designated drivers from the pre-Uber days, a mother hen is someone who agrees to limit their alcohol intake and watch over the group, be more aware of the environment, and generally make sure everyone stays safe while having fun.

Pack a TASER Pulse+
If you really want to feel confident about your group’s safety, bring along a TASER Pulse+. About the size of your smartphone, you can easily tuck the Pulse+ into your purse. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but if you do, GPS technology will alert law enforcement to your location once it’s been fired.


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