6 Tips to Bring to your Valentine's Day Date

Posted by Anthony Carli on 2/13/18 12:00 AM

Valentine's Day is upon us, can you feel it in the air? While we hope Cupid has helped you find your true love this week, we all know that dating these days can be a risky proposition. Although dating apps have helped strangers connect in meaningful ways, there is justifiable nervousness that exists before the first date. 

Valentines Day Safety

As you make your Valentine's Day plans with a new sweetheart this year, keep these dating safety tips in mind, because your heart should be the only thing stolen tomorrow!

  • As always, stay alert: That's not to say don't enjoy your date's company, but be wary of body language and any speech that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Trust your gut. If you need to leave, end the date.
  • Use your dating app's built-in messaging system rather than sharing your phone number:Despite the inconvenience, if the date goes sour, you have an extra layer of protection from unwanted contact.
  • Meet in public first: Arrange your own transportation to and from your date. Meet at a well traveled location. It's no secret why dinner dates are the MVP—you can get to know each other, and there is a defined stopping point.
  • Communicate: It is a good idea to let a friend or family member know about your date and when they should expect you to return. If your plans change and you are arriving home later (lucky you), or coming back early (we've all been there), let them know!
  • Stay Sober: Get love-drunk, not drunk drunk. Alcohol impairs your senses and contributes to bad judgement. Know your limits and restrict your consumption so you can stay alert and aware throughout the date.
  • Carry a self-defense tool: Having a backup plan can bring a ton of confidence and help you stay safe in a worst-case scenario. Make sure that you know how to use your self-defense tool before the date and keep it in an accessible location. The TASER Pulse is a sleek option that discreetly fits in most purses and bags.

Have any dating stories? We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly along with your tips for having a fun, safe time with your date. 

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