7 Useful Safety Tips for Moms (And Children!)

Posted by Anthony Carli on 5/10/17 12:00 PM

Safety Tips for Moms

With Mother's Day behind us, we can now focus on some of the self-defense and awareness essentials of motherhood! 

Let’s take a look at 7 useful safety tactics that any mama bear can employ:
  • Situational awareness is essential. Limit the amount of distractions you partake in (such as burying your nose in a cell phone) and remain observant of your surroundings. Additionally, be sure to trust your intuition. If a situation feels uncomfortable and your “spidey senses are tingling”, trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for assistance! For example - if it’s dark outside, have a co-worker walk to your car with you. There is NO reason to ignore your instincts and gamble with your personal safety.
  • Should you find yourself in a confrontation with an attacker, remember this - the main goal of self-defense is to escape, not to defeat. Just remember that your primary intention should be to flee after creating an opportunity for yourself to do so.

Now, you may be asking yourself - what if there are children involved? What if I’m not there to defend my child? These are, in fact, safety tips designed for a mother. Here are some useful tips for safeguarding your child, as well as some important topics to discuss with the little rascal.

  • Once again, situational awareness is essential. As a mother, be sure to remain receptive to your child’s own intuition - kids are sometimes more alert when analyzing situations and tend to be quite vocal about their hesitations.
  • Discuss precautionary guidelines with your child and explain the important of safety in case of emergency. The creation of a “family password” is an extremely effective measure to protect your child - any non-parental figure attempting to take your child into their care should be informed of this password to identify themselves as a safe adult. Speaking of, establishing a list of safe adults for your child is a valid alternative to a “family password” as it achieves a similar goal.
  • Should you find yourself in a confrontation with an attacker while with your child, similar self-defense measures should be taken. Incapacitating an assailant, even briefly, will allow for both you and your child to flee. Resourceful weaponry, effective strikes, and cries to nearby pedestrians are excellent forms of protection in a dangerous situation.

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