A Victory for Self-Defense in Michigan

Posted by Anthony Carli on 9/27/16 3:30 PM

In the midst of legal battles for civilian TASER ownership, let’s take a look at a recent victory for conductive electronic weapons (CEWs).

Michigan Governor

In May of 2012, Michigan lifted the ban on CEWs, meaning residents could no longer be prosecuted for carrying TASER self-protection devices. Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, inked legislation allowing citizens with concealed carry licenses to own and carry CEWs. This law went into effect in August of the same year.

This is a noteworthy advancement, because it assures us that there is hope for areas where CEWs are currently banned such as New Jersey and Washington DC.

Additionally, in June of 2012, the Michigan Court of Appeals declared the ban on CEWs unconstitutional. The Constitution of Michigan explicitly allows its citizens to “bear arms for self-defense”, bolstered by the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to ‘carry’ and ‘keep’ arms.

Known as the “People vs.Yanna”, the judges concluded in a 3-0 decision “that a total prohibition on the open carrying of a protected arm such as a TASER device or stun gun is unconstitutional”.

The judges also dismissed arguments that the devices were too dangerous to be protected by the Second Amendment, or that they could be used for unlawful purposes such as torture. They claimed there is no reason to doubt “that the vast majority of TASER [self-protection tools] … are possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes”.

Have TASER laws impacted your personal protection plan? If you live in a state that has legalized TASER devices, what changes have you noticed?

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