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I’ve trained in Afghanistan and Haiti ... This is why I recommend TASER devices as one of the best personal safety options.

Posted by Robin Churn on 6/22/21 12:28 PM

love for TASER began three years ago while taking my first training class. Since then, I’ve become a certified TASER trainer and instructor, teaching individuals how to protect themselves with confidence. I also teach firearm safety courses, backed with an extensive firearms background – 10 years in the United States Army, 16 years with the Raleigh, NC Police Department and four years as a United Nations Law Enforcement Professional and Training Advisor in Afghanistan and Haiti. Through it all,
I strongly recommend TASER devices as the best non-lethal option for self-defense and personal safety.

My passion for teaching began after I had been approached many times by women at a shooting range, asking if I was a firearms instructor. I wasn’t certified to teach, nor was I sure if I could, but finally my husband said to me, “That's pretty much your calling.” And the rest is history.

In every class I teach, the first product I recommend is a TASER device, and here’s why:

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