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Posted by Joelle Rozek on 10/21/19 10:05 AM

Have you ever wondered what it's like to experience the effects of a TASER device? Since I joined the TASER Self-Defense team back in May, I had so many questions surrounding exposures. What would it feel like? Could I fight through it? How would I react?

Want to see how it went? Watch the video below and keep reading for everything I learned in my TASER exposure.

Things I learned from my exposure:

  1. The build up and anticipation was way worse than the exposure itself. My anxiety in the days leading up to it was super high! However, once the exposure was over I realized it was a completely different experience than I thought it would be. I let my own imagination get away from me.
  2. It was not a pain free experience, but you also feel the vibrations and pulses from the TASER device. It gives your arms and legs an interesting tingling feeling.
  3. While I could not move or respond because of the NMI, I was able to hear everything my team was saying around me.
  4. It was the longest five seconds of my life, but once the five seconds were over, I was up, moving around, and enjoying the adrenaline high!

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Note: This post reflects one individual’s experience with a TASER CEW exposure. Experiences may vary depending on the individual and exposure conditions. All TASER CEW exposures should be conducted in accordance with Axon’s training recommendations and warnings. For more information, visit and


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