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Posted by Joelle Rozek on 12/12/19 1:39 PM

Have you ever wondered what it's like to experience the effects of a TASER device? Tish, our volunteer, gives you all the insights. Want to see how it went? Watch the video below and keep reading for everything Tish learned in her TASER exposure.

Read on to see what Tish learned from her exposure:
  1. As someone who carries a TASER device I have always been curious about not only what the effects feel like, but also how safe I would feel if I had to use the device. This exposure gave me a whole new level of confidence and feeling of safety.
  2. There was absolutely no way I would of been able to fight through the effects of the TASER exposure. I would not have been able to move my pinky finger if I tried!
  3. The craziest part was being able to hear everything around me. I wanted to respond so badly, because I could hear so much going on around me, but there was no way!
  4. I definitely felt the pulses. I felt like I was on the ground shaking, but as you see on the video, clearly I am not moving at all because my body was in total lockup.
  5. Those five seconds, felt like it lasted about two hours. There was no way I would be able to handle a 30 second ride. After the those five seconds I was happy to stay on the ground and catch my breath.

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Note: This post reflects one individual’s experience with a TASER CEW exposure. Experiences may vary depending on the individual and exposure conditions. All TASER CEW exposures should be conducted in accordance with Axon’s training recommendations and warnings. For more information, visit and


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