Brave The Crowds With Our Black Friday Safety Survival Guide

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 11/18/16 2:17 PM
Jennifer Chan

When the turkey, mashed potatoes and plates of dessert have settled, it's time to set your sights on finding a gift for everyone on your list. With lines getting longer and crowds getting rowdier, many Americans have opted to find the sweetest deals online or stay home altogether.

Black Friday Safety Tips

This year, brave the craziness and make it out alive – follow our 6 Tips to Survive Black Friday:

1. Pick an easy-to-find meeting spot – Your husband doesn’t want to wait in line at Bath & Body Works for half off the new sugar scrub, so find a landmark to meet at when you’re done hunting for gifts.

2. Stash the cash at home – Pick-pocketers are on the loose more than normal on Black Friday, and you don’t want to be an obvious target. Keep your wad of bills at home, and opt to use one credit card – it’ll give you one less thing to worry about.

3. Lighten your load – If you’re planning a massive holiday haul, take periodic trips to your car to drop-off presents. One, you won’t be vulnerable to theft. Two, it’ll save your back and arms from all the heavy lifting. But, if you’re looking for a post-turkey-day workout – skip this step.

4. Junk in the trunk – If you’re going to take advantage of #3 - lock your belongings in the trunk so you don’t have the Grinch visiting your vehicle. Clever thieves will survey the parking lot for a car full of loot.

5. Check your sleigh – Make sure you don’t have any unwanted passengers hanging out around your car before heading home.

6. Report unattended presents – If you see any suspicious looking bags around the mall, let a security guard or police officer know. 9 times out of 10, someone forgot their things – so you could be earning some extra karma before the New Year.

Bonus Online Tip! Be present for the presents – Thieves are on the prowl for packages that are waiting on doorsteps during the holidays. When shopping online, make sure you have your items shipped to the office or request signature confirmation from the delivery service.

Now, don’t you feel confident enough to tackle that gift list?

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