Dating Safely During COVID

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 2/5/21 11:24 AM
Jennifer Chan

For many of us, the pandemic has only highlighted the importance of relationships and companionship. As you navigate the world of dating during the pandemic, here are ways to reduce your risk and stay safe while you search for meaningful connection. 

Valentine Dating SafetyVideo Call and Have The “COVID talk”
You’ve had some great back and forth messages, and can’t wait to meet in person. But wait — as you make plans to meet, set up a preliminary video call to put a face to their name and get on the same page when it comes to COVID safety precautions and preventing transmission. Does their job require them to be around others, do they live with other people, or dine out and go to public spaces frequently? Know the risk level you are comfortable with, and keep in mind your decision to socialize also extends to any family or household members you’re in regular contact with.

Meet in Public
Be distanced, but don’t isolate. Arrange to meet in a trafficked (but not crowded) public place, and engage in a meal or activity that has a defined stopping point.

Share Your Location
It’s always a safety best practice to let a friend or family member know about your date, where you’re going, and when you plan to return. If your plans change and you are arriving home later or coming back early (we've all been there), let them know.

Do Something Social, Yet Distanced
Instead of dining at a restaurant for your first date spot, try getting takeout and having a socially distanced picnic at a park. Do an activity together that allows you to remain distanced, such as going to the batting cages, ice skating, or mini golfing. If you’re set on dining out, check if there’s an outdoor seating option, servers are wearing masks, and parties are seated at least 6 feet apart.

Stay Alert and Trust Your Instincts
You’re both there to get to know each other and enjoy the company, but always keep an eye on body language and any speech that makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust your gut. If you need to leave, end the date.

Carry a Self-Defense Device
Having a backup plan can bring a ton of confidence and help you stay safe in a worst-case scenario. Make sure that you know how to use your self-defense tool before the date and keep it in an accessible location. The TASER Pulse+ is a sleek option that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and can alert emergency dispatch if fired. How’s that for a date sidekick?

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