Safeguard Your Easter Celebrations with These Helpful Tips

Posted by Anthony Carli on 4/12/17 12:49 PM

Easter is right around the corner! Hopefully, your weekend plans are filled to the brim with family, friends, food, a classic egg hunt - you name it. Ensure nothing disrupts the festivities with these helpful tips.

Easter Safety

Six Easter Safety Tips:
  • Planning on hosting an Easter egg hunt? Use your backyard! This encloses children in a safe area to scavenge for those coveted eggs. If electing to use a front lawn, ensure the safety of participants by lining the yard’s boundaries with trusted adults - this way, children can’t wander off while searching!
  • When hiding eggs, awareness of your egg placement is key. Do NOT hide eggs in pre-existing holes in the ground - you don’t want a child accidentally intruding into a wild animal’s home! Also, be sure to identify any foliage that will become an egg’s hiding spot so that children aren’t surprised by thorns, poisons, or critters.
  • Don’t feel like hosting? Plenty of public parks host Easter egg hunts! However, keep your eyes on your child(ren) at all times - don’t let the little rascal(s) dart off by themselves or, even worse, into the hands of a stranger.
  • Additionally, should you attend an event in a public place, lock your car! As obvious as it seems, thieves target large public gatherings over the holidays due to the plethora of distractions that might cause you to leave your vehicle unlocked. Possessions left in vehicles should also be concealed as much as possible - don’t turn your car into a target by leaving valuables in clear view through a window!
  • We think it’s safe to say children LOVE chocolates and candies. However, make sure you are aware of any allergies before gifting a classic chocolate bunny to a child - many of these yummy Easter treats contain (or are processed in a facility that utilizes) peanuts and tree nuts. Read those allergen labels!
  • Finally, children aren’t the only family members that need to watch what they eat. Family pets, namely cats and dogs, should NEVER ingest chocolate. Most chocolate contains high levels of fat and methylxanthine alkaloids (a fancy name for the bitterness found in cocoa) which can prove toxic to your furry friends if not treated immediately! Furthermore, cats are highly allergic to most species of lilies - if ingested, the flower can lead to kidney failure and, if left untreated, death. Be sure to keep these Easter staples far from pets!

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