Georgia Colleges Ramp Up Self-Protection Plans

Posted by Anthony Carli on 9/29/16 3:28 PM

A major change came to Georgia college campuses this year, and we’re not talking about a new science building.

College Campus Carry Laws

The 29 institutions of the University System of Georgia, along with 22 from the Technical College System of Georgia, now allow students to carry conductive electronic weapons (CEWs) while on campus.

This means that all buildings, classrooms and dorms are now protected areas for TASER self-defense tools and stun guns.

The law was signed in May of 2016 following several robbery cases on Georgia campuses.

This law, dubbed “campus carry lite” (or House Bill 792), came as a compromise to the self-defense conundrum facing many students today – how to keep themselves safe, without needing to use lethal force.

A similar bill was proposed this year that would allow students to carry handguns on campus for protection, but the bill was vetoed.

Representative Buzz Brockway wrote the bill as a middle-ground, and many Georgia students agree that the law strikes the balance between “concealed carry on campus and the complete nothing”.

Other states, such as Utah and Texas, are pursuing similar legislation for their colleges.

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