Goblins and Ghouls Rejoice! Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 10/6/16 3:26 PM
Jennifer Chan

Halloween is one of the most-anticipated days of the year for children in the United States. As temperatures drop and the autumn begins, thoughts of swimming pools, popsicles and sunshine are replaced with falling leaves, jack-o-lanterns and pillowcases full of candy. Make sure your little pumpkin’s night is filled with treats, not tricks, with these 5 tips.

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Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids:

1. Be Visible – Avoid dark costumes or add reflective patches/glow sticks to your tiny terror’s costume. This not only helps you find them in the dark, but helps cars see them as well!

2. Be Cautious – Every year, Halloween sees a spike in car accidents involving pedestrians – do not become a statistic! Make sure you and your child are looking both ways before crossing the street (hand-holding recommended but not required).

3. Be Aware – Remind your kids to not approach an unfamiliar person, even if they are dressed as their favorite superhero. On the same note, do not approach an unfamiliar house, especially if the lights are off – some neighbors do not share the Halloween spirit and are not expecting ghoulish guests!

4. Be Patient – Save the candy for later, after you’ve given it a good inspection. Pre-opened pieces should be disposed of to avoid potential illness. Pace yourself with a piece or two a day, and you could avoid one monsterous belly ache.

5. Be Vocal – Set a plan and some guidelines before you hit the streets. Be open and honest, letting your children know of any potential risks and what they can do to remain safe while having fun!

Have a trick-or-treating safety tip that wasn’t mentioned? Let us know!

This October, we’ll be helping you and your family keep safe with useful tips and advice. Next week, we’ll bring you the Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Teens who aren’t tricking and treating with their parents anymore…stay tuned.

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