How to draw your TASER device from a holster

Posted by Anthony Carli on 4/24/18 11:00 AM

We've covered the importance of safely carrying your device in a holster or a bag in the last few weeks, but how should you draw your TASER device from the holster should you need it? TASER Instructor Sara Morrell shows us in today's #TrainingTuesday post.

TASER Holster
 In the video below, TASER Instructor Sara Morrell demonstrates how to safely draw a TASER Pulse from a holster, keeping the device pointed in a safe direction at all times. While this video uses a TASER Pulse and a Blade-Tech outside the waistband (OWB) holster, the principles remain the same for any other holster products. This demonstration is the recommended approach, but may not be practical for all situations and may need to be modified in the heat of the moment. We emphasize practice so that when you are under the stress of a real-world situation, there is a higher likelihood that you will be able to remove the device from its holster properly and comfortably. 

  1. Lift the device straight up from the holster, keeping the muzzle pointed to the floor, careful to not allow the muzzle to cross your body or travel in any other unsafe directions.
  2. Once the device has cleared the holster, turn it 90 degrees and arm the device. Your TASER device should now be pointed downrange, towards your target despite your arm remaining by your side.
  3. Push your arms straight out with the TASER device pointed towards your target.
  4. Acquire the target using the device's built in LASER and mechanical sights.

It is important to practice this in a safe environment, without a cartridge to ensure that no accidental discharges occur. The more you practice drawing your device, the more muscle memory you are building.

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