Introducing the TASER Pet Pack

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 7/17/19 6:00 AM

Sun's out, tongues out! Treat yourself and your pet with this awesome StrikeLight Pet Pack so your next adventure happens in style (and safety)!

TASER StrikeLight Pet Pack

Our pets make the best sidekicks. They’re loyal, a little goofy, and always curious. But when there’s a rustle in the bushes or wild animals on the hike, you want Fido to be safe by your side.

That’s why we’re launching the TASER StrikeLight Pet Pack. At $129, it includes a StrikeLight, bandana, and safety light that can be clipped onto a leash, collar or waistband. Equipped with the Pet Pack, you and your pup will truly be prepared for the adventures that come your way.  

The TASER Pet Pack includes: 

  • 1 TASER StrikeLight 
  • 1 Bandana (pick your color - one size fits all) 
  • 1 Clip-on Safety Light 

Be sure to pick your favorite bandana  available in blue, black and yellow today! 

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