Keep Your Halloween Night Spooky and Safe: Top 5 Tips for Adults

Posted by Anthony Carli on 10/20/16 3:24 PM

Halloween fun shouldn’t end just because you’re all grown up. As candy is traded for cocktails, the safety of yourself and those around you should remain the top priority. Make sure this Halloween night is a blast with these tips. 


Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Adults:

1. Keep sidewalks and pathways clearly lit – Avoid potential injuries to your ghoulish guests, as well as lighting up those pesky hiding areas.

2. Arrive with them, leave with them – Nobody wants to go looking for a missing Deadpool in the middle of the party, so keep an eye on your friends.

3. Assign a designated driver – Reward them with a baggy of their favorite treats, they’ll appreciate it.

4. Avoid driving during peak Trick-or-Treating times – Pedestrian traffic is at an all-time high on Halloween, as well as drunk drivers. Weigh on the safe side, and stay off the road for a few hours while the little monsters run amok.

5. Stay alert for suspicious behavior – Don’t let the spooky distractions get your guard down!

Whether you’re attending the work costume party, bringing your kids to their school’s festival, or staying at home and dishing out treats – use these tips and make the most of this year’s Halloween.

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