Made For Spring Break: Travel Safety on the Road

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 4/8/21 8:30 AM

It’s spring, the start of vacation season. With the coronavirus still sticking around, more people are likely to hit the road for travel than risk it in crowded airports and airplanes.


Travel Safety on the Road
Road travel is by and large a relatively safe way to go, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a little extra thought and planning into keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy. Even if it’s a route you’re familiar with, a busy travel weekend can wreak havoc, as can unpredictable weather.

Plan Your Way Ahead of Time
Take some time to plan out your route, taking into consideration factors such as:
  • rush hour traffic times
  • construction
  • rest stop locations
  • safe hotels (if necessary)

Look at the weather to see if snow or rain could make your trip extra challenging. And, check over everything again the day before you travel—you never know what might have changed.

Keep Your TASER Device Safe But Handy
Your TASER device will give you added peace of mind while you’re on the road. Just make sure it’s in a place you can reach it easily in case of an emergency. The last thing you want is to get it tangled in your seatbelt or to have to dig for it in a bag. Glove compartment, middle console and door pocket are all good options. If you’re traveling alone, make sure to take it along on any bathroom breaks as well, especially at night.

Note: If you’re going to a different state (or states), be sure you read up on the regulations around conductive energy weapons (CEWs) so you don’t accidentally violate state laws.

Stay Healthy at Every Stop
Coronavirus remains a threat, and traveling can increase your risk of exposure if you don’t take preventative measures. The CDC has some great information for staying safe while traveling. For the most part, the measures remain the same as they are in your day-to-day life:
  • wear a mask
  • wash your hands
  • use hand sanitizer before and after touching items in public places
  • keep six feet away from others

The more you can plan out your health and safety while traveling this holiday season, the more you’ll actually be able to enjoy your time with friends and family once you get there!


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