New Jersey Fights to Become "TASER-friendly" State

Posted by Anthony Carli on 9/13/16 3:32 PM

In 2006, New Jersey became the last state to authorize the use of TASER weapons for local law enforcement, but they may not be the last to legalize them for the general public. 

TASER State Regulations

Just weeks ago, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, a gun rights group, has filed a federal lawsuit in-opposition of a New Jersey law. This law bans civilians from owning controlled electronic weapons (CEWs) – including TASER self-defense tools.

This is similar to the situation in Massachusetts from earlier this year, where the Supreme Court reevaluated the Constitution and its stance on CEWs. They based their ruling on a landmark decision from 2008 (aka “Heller case”) deemed bearing arms a constitutional right, and in-turn, calls the ban of TASER devices and other CEWS inconsistent with the ruling.

Stephen Stamboulieh, lawyer and major proponent of the New Jersey lawsuit, said in an interview, “if you have the right…to keep a deadly weapon in your home, you have the right to keep a non-deadly weapon”. He’s also said that he and other prominent lawyers in firearm litigation plan to pursue similar legal action in other states.

There are more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies in over 100 countries around the world that use and trust TASER, and that number continues to grow. Our hope is to see this growth extend within our communities, entrusting TASER for your family's and your self-protection needs.

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Published Sep 13th 2016

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