New Year, New Me!

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 2/10/20 10:50 AM

New Year. New Chances. New Dreams. Bigger Goals.



With 2020 already off to a great start, we wanted to remind you it's never to late to start or re-invest in your self-defense journey! Here are our top 5 tips to keep you going:

  1. Know Your Surroundings: Be alert and aware of your surroundings anytime you are out of your home.
  2. Lose the Distractions: Be sure to keep your phone in your purse or a pocket and if using headphones only keep one in your ear. This will help you to stay focused on your surroundings and not become distracted.
  3. Train up: Look into local self defense classes in your area or if that doesn't fit in your schedule find an online training class such as the one offered by Krav Maga.
  4. Speak Up: Don't be afraid to speak up and say something if you are uncomfortable. Make your personal boundaries understood.
  5. Consider Self-Defense Aids: If you feel like you need more protection, research and learn more about your options on the TASER Self-Defense website.


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