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Posted by Anthony Carli on 1/16/18 12:00 PM

January is National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month. As you focus on your goals for 2018, take some time to review your self-defense plan and reduce your safety risks by taking the steps to be prepared.

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Make 2018 a safe one with these 5 awareness tips: 

Take a self-defense class

A well-rounded course will teach you to properly avoid, prevent, or respond to conflict, as well as trust your instincts in a potentially dangerous situation. Contact your local police station, community center, or gym for classes, and invite some friends to join you while you're at it!

Reexamine your routine

Complete an audit of your daily routine and identify safety threats. Take a step back and look at your daily bus commute, walk from the parking lot, or daily run. Are you taking the most optimized, well-lit route, and are you familiar with the alternate routes?

Commute smart

Utilizing ridesharing and public transportation shouldn't mean compromising your safety. Use a ridesharing app that allows you to share your location, driver, and license plate number with a friend or family member when you get in the vehicle. When you take public transportation at odd hours, sit in the front close to the driver, or opt to enter the train car with the most riders inside. As tempting as it is to be on your phone or turn up the volume on your headphones, remember to be aware of your surroundings.

Know how to use the Emergency Call button on your phone

Your smartphone is likely equipped with an Emergency Call button that can be activated without unlocking your phone. Learn how to use the functionality so you're prepared in an emergency.

Invest in personal protection

Don't let fear get between you and your goals. Be familiar with the self defense tools that are on the market, and decide on one that you're most comfortable carrying. Whether it's a TASER device, whistle, stun gun, or pepper spray, find the tool that's the best fit for your lifestyle, and learn how to properly use it.

Ready or not, 2018, we're coming for you. 

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