We're Coming to You, New Jersey!

Posted by Anthony Carli on 10/20/17 12:00 PM

On Sunday, New Jerseyans will score a victory: The ban on TASER products will be lifted across the state, allowing consumers to legally own products like the TASER Pulse and Bolt!

TASER Legalization NJ

Not only do the updated regulations give a modest boost to the state’s economy by bringing new products to the market, but they also offer residents an effective way to defend themselves through ownership of a TASER device.

New Jerseyans will have access to the same technology trusted by police departments across the world. Our products are safe to own, easy to use, and rarely cause long-term harm to a target. Our self-defense products like the Pulse and Bolt knock down a bad-guy for 30 seconds from 15 feet away, giving the owner time to run and call the police.

That's great news, but who buys a TASER device?

The simple answer? Anybody who needs an extra boost of confidence to get out the door for their early morning run or nighttime adventure on the town. Our products are sleek and easy to carry, giving you the ability to be brave in any situation.

Currently, our analysis shows that TASER products are most popular with gun owners who want a non-firearm option to carry in areas where guns are prohibited. But we also see an opportunity to revolutionize self-defense for runners, hikers, and active people who may not be comfortable owning guns.

We’re excited to introduce our products to New Jersey in the coming weeks and months. The new regulations will allow us to help fill a void for New Jersey residents who haven’t had a viable, non-firearm option for defense.

How does a TASER work compared to a stun-gun?

TASER devices work by sending electricity through two barbed darts fired from the device at a distance of 15 feet or fewer. Once the darts connect with the attacker, that electricity causes involuntary muscle contraction that render the attacker unable to move. Stun guns, on the other hand, use a zap of electricity across the front of the device to inflict pain on a target. Stun guns require direct contact with the target for the effect to be felt, and even then, a motivated attacker can fight through the pain.

Are devices like the TASER Pulse hard to use?

Back in August, we took a survey of 479 of our customers and took away some key insights. According to our data, 78% of our customers were confident in their ability to effectively use their TASER device. We think this is attributable to the user-friendly, intuitive design of our products. However, we will be unveiling new training resources in the coming months to get the remaining 22% up to speed. With a little practice, it's not difficult to gain some confidence in your ability to use our devices under pressure!

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