The importance of practicing with your TASER device

Posted by Anthony Carli on 3/6/18 11:00 AM

In August, we conducted a survey of 479 randomly selected TASER Self-Defense customers and found that 25% of TASER product owners have never practiced firing their device. Over 40% have only practiced dry-firing their device. Most staggeringly, 22% of users said they were not confident in their ability to use their device. We consider that to be 22% too many!

Chart on How many people practice using their TASER Device

(Survey of randomly selected customers conducted via email in August 2017, n= 479)

Our team is dedicated to providing a self-defense tool that helps protect you from a threat, in a less-lethal manner. This helps preserve the right for criminals to face the justice system, rather than the alternative. But we've come to realize in order to advance our mission of keeping you and your loved ones safe, we must promote regular practice and training alongside providing a world-class self-defense tool.

That's why we launched our #TrainingTuesday blog series, have ramped up civilian instructor training, and introduced The Lightning Club, a subscription box that brings training material and extra cartridges to you doorstep each month. Subscribers to The Lightning Club receive a discounted rate on cartridges to incentivize regular practice.

When you initially receive your TASER Pulse or Bolt, it will arrive unloaded with two cartridges in the box, a soft cover, a quick start guide, and an electrically conductive target. We recommend that you first take time to familiarize yourself with the device and its features. Read all of the product guides and warnings and practice arming and disarming the device while unloaded.

Once you familiarize yourself with the device, practice dry-firing. Ensuring the device is unloaded, aim in a safe direction, and practice pulling the trigger. Come to expect the noise of the electrical arc, and allow it to complete a full 30-second cycle—it is much longer than you'd think.

We believe monthly live-fire practice is important in developing good instincts and habits with your device. So, once you've mastered dry-firing, find a safe place to set up your conductive target. You'll want to post it against a backstop so the probes do not ricochet or travel in an unsafe manner. Plywood works great. Practice loading the cartridge as shown in the quick start guide (never put your hand over the blast doors), and get ready to fire. Aim the device at the target, shift the safety to the ARMED position and pull the trigger. If you've hit the target, you'll notice the electricity arcing between the two probes on the target. This is how NMI is caused in real-world scenarios—that electricity would be traveling along your target's muscles.

Though TASER devices do not have any recoil, many are surprised by the “POP” of the compressed nitrogen that propels the probes from the cartridge. It is important to experience this in practice settings so you know exactly what to expect if you encounter a real-world situation. Practice setting your device on the ground, and making an escape. Don't worry about your device. If it is left at the scene of an incident, you're likely eligible for free product replacement under our Safe Escape Guarantee.

TASER devices are simple to use, but you must build good muscle memory and understand exactly what will happen when the device is fired in order to optimize your ability to use it effectively. If you're worried about your cartridge supply, consider joining The Lightning Club—you can check out the details here.

Next Week on #TrainingTuesday: Verbal commands. How your voice can be the most powerful weapon.

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