Real Situations: TASER device protects doctor

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 11/10/16 2:21 PM
Jennifer Chan

The details of this article were taken from a submitted police report. The name of the doctor has been changed to retain anonymity. 

Doctor used TASER Device

Two of the biggest questions we are asked at TASER:

  • Do they work? And, if so –
  • When would I use one?

We aim to help educate you, the reader, about our innovative devices and their proven effectiveness. That way, you can find ways to improve your personal protection plan with the tools and techniques that fit your lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at a recent success highlighting the true knock-down power of our devices when put into action in a real-life scenario.

California – It was an early Thursday evening, and Dr. Martin* was loading boxes from his practice into the car, before heading home for the night. There was a man loitering outside the office, but Dr. Martin gave him a friendly wave and asked him how he was doing – as it appeared the man was peaceful and harmless.

Instead of returning the greeting, the man asked for money and when Dr. Martin denied his request – the man became aggressive, spouting profanities at the innocent doctor.

Not wanting to escalate the situation, the doctor calmly asked the man to leave. The bitter solicitor wouldn’t budge and Dr. Martin returned to his office to grab the rest of his belongings quietly.

Inside his office, he was startled by the loud bang of the man pounding on his office’s window. Preparing for confrontation, the doctor loaded his TASER device and headed out the door.

The man was waiting outside, pestering the doctor’s patients for money, shouting and causing a scene while drawing attention from the rest of the plaza. Dr. Martin firmly asked the man to leave, to which he answered by charging at the doctor and shoving him violently.

At that moment, the doctor retrieved his TASER self-defense tool, deployed the darts and made contact with the man – effectively subduing and bringing him to the ground for 30 seconds. This gave him enough time to grab his phone and call 911.

Dr. Martin administered a second electric cycle by firing the trigger once more, allowing him to relay the incident and his whereabouts to the operator on the phone.

In the end, Dr. Martin decided not to pursue criminal charges, believing the TASER weapon solved the problem for him. 

Goes to show that any of our civilian self-defense tools can fit effectively into your protection plan – helping to reduce conflict and give you an added layer of safety.

*Names have been changed to maintain anonymity 

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