Trainer Highlight: James Hiromasa of Krav Maga

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 7/7/20 9:00 AM

This week, we’re highlighting James Hiromasa, CEO of Colorado Krav Maga, Inc., TASER Civilian Instructor, and author of Amazon best seller, How to Be A Super Hero. Read on to get his perspective on personal safety and why he recommends the TASER Pulse+ device to his clients.


Name: James Hiromasa
Title: CEO, Krav Maga Senior Master Instructor
Business Name: Colorado Krav Maga Inc, Tactical Krav Maga
Areas of Specialty:
Krav Maga: Train the Trainer status with multiple organizations
Firearms: Co-Developed the Armed Civilian Training program
Subject Matter Expert: State of Colorado POST SME committee for Arrest and Control Tactics

How did you get into the training space and what do you enjoy about it?

Teaching is a passion. Period. I enjoy the challenge of finding better, more succinct ways to transfer knowledge to students and make them better, faster. There is nothing more rewarding than watching people become confident and take charge of life right in front of your eyes, and even hearing that something you taught someone saved their or someone else's life. Training people to be safe is an amazing feeling. Training people to correctly train other people to be safe is exponentially so. Train people well and you can potentially save dozens of lives. Train Instructors well and you can save hundreds or thousands.

What is a useful tip or lesson in self defense training that not a lot of people know about or is valuable to your students?

Forget fancy. Fancy doesn't work under real stress and fear. Stay basic, primal and be over the top aggressive when it's time to save your life. Not a lot of bad guys want to deal with someone more aggressive then they are. But understand that aggression alone won't save you... you need skill and the confidence to deploy it...aggressively. Target the face and head almost exclusively and without remorse. Adrenaline works for the attacker too, so pain compliance and soft tissue strikes are far less effective in real attacks than they are in the ring.

What are your top 4 safety tips?

  1. Awareness. A lot of lip service is paid to the buzzwords 'situational awareness' but for the civilian, just general awareness is an exponential advantage. We need to get our faces out of our phones and use our ears, nose, and eyes. It's a lot easier to learn and master than any other form of self defense.
  2. Trust your Intuition. I dedicated an entire chapter to this in my book [How to Be a Superhero]. Intuition isn't magical, it's your brain processing real-time, real life signals from your senses that your conscious brain wasn't fully aware of. Your intuition has only 1 job: keep you alive...and, it will never lie to you. It may be wrong, but it won't lie. If you learn to be more aware, and you trust your intuition, then you can avoid almost any bad situation.
  3. Have a plan and practice it under stress. Having a plan is great, but if you don't ever physically practice it, don't expect it to come out of you in an emergent circumstance. You know..."You will not rise to the the level of your expectation, but fall to the level of your training". If I asked you how you would escape your house in a fire, you would tell me 3 different ways. But if you have to chose one at 3am when your bedroom is filled with smoke and you can't breathe, you will only attempt the one you train on every day...the front door. This also goes for self-defense. You may THINK you'll access your tools and skills and deploy them, but unless you stress train them, you won't.
  4. Don't ignore safety tips because you don't want to 'feel paranoid' or 'look stupid'. You can take the precautions and be wrong all your life and live happily ever after. But don't and be wrong once and that's all it takes. Often, there're no do-overs. 90% of people that seek out self-defense training or purchase a self-defense tool do so after an event.
  5. Be proactive in your safety and assume no one is coming to save you if things go south. By assuming that, you'll be more inclined to practice numbers 1 though 4 above.

Why do you recommend TASER Pulse+ for self-defense?:

There are so many reasons why the TASER Pulse+ is the ONLY personal safety tool I recommend aside from a firearm and the only one I do for less-lethal. Just a few reasons are:

  1. NMI is instantaneous (not even most well placed shot's with a handgun can do that).
  2. Most people are uncomfortable with taking a life, and will hesitate to pull the trigger on a gun potentially costing them their life. A TASER device doesn't carry that same finite feeling, therefore my clients will be far more likely to act instantly.
  3. Pepper spray is not effective on everyone and our own Instructor Courses for OC prove that almost everyone can continue to fight, attack, stab, etc. for 30 seconds to over a minute before succumbing to the effects.
I recommend a TASER Pulse+ to all my clients, and I would recommend to anyone if they intend on training with it and keeping their empty hand skills training up. If you are going to take the responsibility of carrying a TASER device, you bear the responsibility of keeping it out of enemy hands.

To learn more, follow James on social media, or check out his Amazon best seller, How to Be A Super Hero: How to Recognize, Avoid and Survive Violent Encounters, Assault and Getting Shot in an Active Shooting
Facebook: /ColoradoKravMaga /herotrainer
Instagram: @herotrainer @kravmagabroomfield
Twitter: @cokrav

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