Safety From the Race Track: Spencer Boyd

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 11/19/19 1:14 PM

We’re excited to announce this holiday season, we’re working with professional stock car driver Spencer Boyd, recent winner at Talladega, to spread the TASER safety message. Spencer is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and target shooting in between NASCAR competitions, and as part of his work he also raises awareness for military Veterans, Police Officers, first responders, and all service men and women.

Read on to learn more about Spencer and how TASER Self-Defense fits into his lifestyle.


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Tell us little about yourself and how TASER Self-Defense fits into your lifestyle.
Being a NASCAR driver where my job requires I go 200mph next to thirty-plus other cars and being safe isn’t always easy, but TASER Self-Defense makes my early mornings and late nights at the track more comfortable. As an advocate for firearms and concealed carry, I am a fan of the TASER device. I believe in being able to protect yourself, but there are some situations where a firearm isn’t the best choice or allowed. My TASER device is a great alternative. I like to be prepared and my device allows me to do that. I’m also a big supporter of our men and women in blue so anyone that makes products that keeps them safer, I’m on board.

How do you feel when you carry our devices?
When I carry a TASER device, I feel confident and prepared much like I do in the race car. Like I said I am always traveling and at the airport. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of walking in the dark through thousands of cars at 4AM with nothing to protect myself. I can put TASER devices in checked bags so it makes it easy to travel with. I’m armed and ready at a moment’s notice.

Did you have any self-defense training before owning a TASER device?
I have done a few self-defense classes with my military buddies and I do wear a helmet a lot of the time, but I’m not confident that either of those would help me in a bad situation.

Which is your favorite TASER Self-Defense device?
My favorite device is the TASER Pulse+ because I got one for my Mom. I feel more comfortable knowing my family is safe as well.

What do you do to carry yourself with confidence?
I just do me, I walk like normal and am myself. But I know if an issue arises I can handle it.

Would you ever take a 5 second TASER device exposure?
As long as I’m not the bad guy in this situation I would do it, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

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