TASER Debate Heats Up In Washington D.C.

Posted by Anthony Carli on 10/27/16 3:25 PM

The debate over the legalization of conductive electronic weapons (CEWs) found its way into our nation’s capital earlier this year.

TASER Debate Washington DC

Arsenal Attorneys, a law firm devoted to the rights of gun owners in America, filed a lawsuit with the US District Court for the District of Columbia – claiming the ban on CEWs is a violation of the second amendment, and therefore unconstitutional.

Attorney George L. Lyon – a firearms instructor and self-defense expert – led the case on behalf of three very different plaintiffs. All three tried to purchase a TASER self-defense tool, but were ultimately denied due to the ban:

1.Traci Dean – a nurse who routinely works the late shift

2.Brendan Turner – robbed twice at gunpoint, but is weary to keep firearms in the home due to his two young children

3.Crystal Wright – lead plaintiff in the case, Wright is a political commentator who has faced numerous death threats in-response to her views, but fears the mental ramifications of using lethal force for self-defense

“Shooting another human being changes the lives of all involved, even when it is legally justified,” Wright says…“[and] carries potential criminal, psychological, social and civil liberty risks.”

Purchasing firearms is currently legal in D.C., and “[the second amendment] extends to all arms commonly possessed and used for self-defense,” Lyon says.

As a plaintiff on both the Heller vs. D.C. (allows Washington, DC residents to possess firearms in their residence) and Palmer vs. D.C. (overturned Washington, DC's ban on carrying outside the home) cases – Lyon has a proven track record and believes in a victory for CEWs.

“The TASER [device] ban is a remnant of D.C.’s anti self-defense mind-set that the Supreme Court rejected,” Lyon announced “[and] it’s time for it to go.”

With cases like Wright vs. D.C. and a similar removal of the CEW ban in Massachusetts, we could see related advances in areas where TASER weapons are still illegal – such as New Orleans and Baltimore County.

Do you live in an area where TASER self-defense tools are banned? Do you believe a CEW could help improve your personal protection plan? Comment and let us know!

**Wright vs. District of Columbia is currently on a 90-day halt as the court works on revising laws** 

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