TASER Exposure Day: Jeff, TASER Self-Defense Brand Development Manager

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 3/18/20 10:05 AM

Have you ever wondered what it's like to experience the effects of a TASER device? Jeff Scholz, the newest member of the TASER Self-Defense team, gives you all the insights into his volunteer exposure. Want to see how it went? Watch the video below and keep reading for a Q&A with Jeff about his TASER exposure.

Read on to see what Jeff learned from his exposure:
  1. As someone who is coming on board as the Brand Development Manager for TASER Self-Defense, I feel I need to experience an exposure first hand. Before coming on-board to TASER Self-Defense I was a part of the military, and while I was aware of the TASER devices, I never had the opportunity to experience them.
  2. After the exposure, I felt great and energized! I thought the exposure was going to be painful, like getting hit by a bus! Only to find out it’s a completely different feeling. It took away all my control over my muscles.
  3. One thing I definitely learned is the NMI is no joke! There is no way to tough-guy your way through an exposure.
  4. That was a long 5-seconds! I would not want to be on the receiving end of a 30 second exposure. However, as someone who owns a Pulse+ and StrikeLight, this exposure has given me even more confidence in the product’s ability to keep me safe.

Note: This post reflects one individual’s experience with a TASER CEW exposure. Experiences may vary depending on the individual and exposure conditions. All TASER CEW exposures should be conducted in accordance with Axon’s training recommendations and warnings. For more information, visit www.axon.com/training and www.axon.com/legal.

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