TASER Self-Defense Launches First Consumer TASER Device to Notify 911 When Deployed; Announces Partnership with Connected Safety Company Noonlight

Posted by Anthony Carli on 11/14/18 5:45 PM

TASER Pulse Plus Launch

Consumers can trade in previous TASER Pulse model for next generation TASER device

TASER Self-Defense, the consumer division of Axon, today announced its new TASER Pulse+, the first TASER consumer product to incorporate Noonlight's new Bluetooth plugin technology that has the capability to notify emergency services when the TASER device is deployed. Now through January 1, 2019, used TASER Pulse devices can be traded in for a $250 credit towards the purchase of a TASER Pulse+. Additionally, a new financing option for the TASER Self-Defense consumer product line allows customers to finance the TASER Pulse+ over 12 months with a monthly payment of $39. For more information and to pre-order the TASER Pulse+ visit: pulseplus.taser.com

When a user deploys the TASER Pulse+, Noonlight is notified and contacts emergency services to send help to the user's location using real-time GPS tracking provided through the Noonlight mobile application. The TASER Pulse+ can be effective from 15 ft. (4.6 m) away, and cycles for 30 seconds. If used in self-defense and left at the scene, the TASER Pulse+ may be replaced free of charge under Axon's Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee.

“Self-defense situations can be scary and overwhelming for victims,” says TASER Self-Defense Director of Consumer Products, Annie Pratt. “We want our customers to focus on one thing only: Getting to safety. That is why we created the TASER Pulse+. With the TASER Pulse+, customers just need to aim, pull the trigger, and run knowing that help is on the way.”

“Our partnership with TASER Self-Defense is the perfect example of what the future of safety should be in our ever-evolving world of technology and connected devices,” says Noonlight co-founder, Nick Droege. “Noonlight is working with innovative companies like Axon to make safety automatic, where the burden is no longer on the individual in an emergency to call for help.”

Droege added, “Starting today, companies with Bluetooth-enabled products can directly integrate with the Noonlight mobile application through our Bluetooth plugin for free, providing enhanced safety and emergency response capabilities to protect and comfort customers anywhere in the United States.”

TASER products are legal to carry in most states, and the TASER Pulse+ will retail for $449. Consumers are encouraged to check with local law enforcement to verify legal status of TASER devices in their jurisdiction. More information about the TASER Pulse+, including how to pre-order a device, is available at buy.taser.com.

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