TASER Self-Defense Now Offers TASER Payment Program

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 11/14/18 1:34 AM
Jennifer Chan

TASER Self-Defense customers now have the option to pay over time using ReCharge. ReCharge allows you to break up payments for a TASER Pulse+ or TASER StrikeLight device in 12-month installments.

Device TASER Pulse+ TASER Strikelight
MSRP $449 $129
12 Monthly Installments $39 $12


How does the TASER Payment Program work?

  1. When you purchase a Pulse+ or StrikeLight, select the product you would like to purchase from the TASER Payment Program collection and add it to your cart.
  2. Go through the checkout process as instructed, you will click through from the product page to purchase and set up scheduled, monthly payments in ReCharge.
  3. Once you complete checkout, you're all set! We'll ship your TASER device to you, and you'll receive a charge from ReCharge in your credit card statement each month until your device is paid off.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I finance my entire purchase?
TASER device financing is only available for the TASER Pulse+ and TASER StrikeLight products.

When do I receive my TASER device?
Your device is queued to ship as soon as the first payment processes.

How am I charged?
When you enter your credit card information into ReCharge at the time of purchase, you will be charged for the first month. ReCharge stores that information for subsequent payments. ReCharge will repeat the charge for 11 months.

Is the process secure?
ReCharge uses industry standard encryption techniques and stores all personally identifying information in a secure manner. In addition, ReCharge stores all credit card information with a third-party PCI compliant credit card vault. All checkout process and logged-in customer actions occur over an industry-standard SSL connection.

For more information, see the TASER Payment Program Terms Of Service or contact us on the Help page.

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