What's the Difference Between TASER Devices and Stun Guns?

Posted by Anthony Carli on 2/27/18 11:00 AM

Everyone's got their own idea on what a “taser” is, but as the exclusive manufacturer of TASER devices, we thought we'd clear up the misconception once and for all.

TASER Device vs. Stun Gun
It may seem difficult to differentiate between TASER products and other types of stun guns due to the misuse of “taser” in the media, so we've developed 3 simple rules to make it easy to tell these products apart.

Rule #1: If it wasn't manufactured by Axon, it isn't a TASER device.

  • “TASER” is a registered trademark, owned by Axon, registered in the US and in many countries. No stun gun, other than the TASER StrikeLight, may bear the TASER brand name.
  • Media reports often misrepresent stun guns as “tasers,” so be aware of this as you take in news.

Rule #2: If it causes neuromuscular incapacitation, it is probably a TASER device.

  • TASER devices, like the TASER Pulse and TASER Bolt, are designed to “lock-up” a bad-guy's muscles, a phenomenon called neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI). If a device simply uses electricity to cause pain, it is likely a stun gun.
  • Contrary to portrayals in pop culture, stun guns are not able to cause incapacitation the way TASER devices can.


Rule #3: If a projectile is fired from a cartridge, it is probably a TASER device.

  • Except TASER StrikeLight, all TASER devices, both for law enforcement and those available to the public for self-defense, use compressed gas to fire two barbed probes towards a target.

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