TEAM TASER Spotlight: Michael Rennie

Posted by Joelle Rozek on 3/4/20 11:14 AM

This week, we sat down with Mike Rennie, the Senior Manager of the TASER Self-Defense team. While he spends his weekdays making sure our consumer operations are running smoothly, in his free time he enjoys competing in Ironman competitions and spending time with his girlfriend and dog. Keep reading to learn more about the faces behind Team TASER and what makes us tick!



What is your role on the TASER Self Defense Team?
Senior Manager of the Consumer Team

What is your favorite part of the job?

Being the tip of the spear to create change and offer people an alternative method of self-defense!

How did you end up working for TASER SD? 
I served 4 years as an Army Officer and I have always enjoyed training and tactics. I understand the need for civilians to be able to defend themselves but most people do not get the necessary training to be proficient with a firearm. I had an opportunity to come join the team and spread the knowledge & understanding of TASER technology and devices. This is a team, company and mission that I can get behind and support because it speaks to me on so many levels!

Do you carry a TASER device? which one and why?

YES – I have one of every device that was still in production. My favorite is my Pulse+, which I carry with me everywhere. I like compact design for fitting into my pocket and it is lightweight enough that I can trust my mother to use it without issues.


If you could go anywhere and do anything... what/where would you go/do?

I would like to travel the world and compete in Ironman competitions. I enjoy challenging my mind and body and I think it would be awesome to go back in time and compete against gladiators and warriors in the original Olympic games.

What is your best personal safety tip (aside from carrying a TASER device):

My military training has made me keen on situational awareness. I try to stress as much as possible to understand your situation/surroundings to know if you’re in danger. Centuries of running from danger has created mechanisms in our body to sense danger – listen to that inner voice and be alert!

TASER devices allow you to protect what matters. What matters to you? What do you value and want to protect the most and why?

My family consist of my girlfriend and my dog right now. Both of which mean the world to me and it is important to keep them safe. (See their maximum cuteness in the photos). We enjoy traveling and creating happy memories – I want to ensure we continue to do so safely!



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