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Posted by Anthony Carli on 1/17/18 12:00 AM

We headed up to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show® in a rainy Las Vegas last week to check out the latest and greatest consumer products designed with security and self-defense in mind. There were an overwhelming number of products on display, but only a few were designed to help keep you safe. Here are the 3 products that made us swoon, and will help keep you secure in 2018.

ripple safety

Ripple Safety

Ripple Safety™ is a personal security wearable that seeks to lend a helping hand in any uncomfortable or emergent situations. Ripple Safety's app is coupled with a small square tile that can be hooked to a belt-loop, purse handle or keychain. The tile contains an interior button which activates the Ripple Safety app. Ripple Safety allows users to upload important personal information (such as allergies, medical conditions, etc) to build a profile, which is then relayed to a 24/7 monitoring service that can dispatch help when needed. Users press the button once to automatically be connected to the monitoring team who can talk you through a situation. Press the button 3 times and the monitoring team will dispatch law enforcement or emergency services to your location. 

Why we liked it: Ripple Safety's 24/7 monitoring connects you with experts who have access to your personal profile and location. They can send help and arm emergency workers with important information about you to help ensure a speedy and effective response. The Ripple Safety tile is small and barely noticeable when worn. Ripple Safety is also working with jewelry designers to integrate their device with fashion forward necklaces and bracelets.


Recently acquired by the folks at Amazon, Blink offers wireless security cameras, and, well, the coolest doorbell we've ever seen. Blink doorbell has an HD video camera that connects to an app on your smartphone. When the doorbell rings, users receive a notification on their phone, which connects HD video and 2 way audio with whomever is standing at your door. And don't worry, the camera is infrared-enabled for nighttime visibility. 

Why we liked it: Come to think of it, we've all been relying on the same doorbell and peephole for years. By combining HD video that works day or night with 2-way audio, you can get a great sense of who is knocking. We think this can help keep folks safe when an uninvited visitor shows up.


The team at Bejilock is seeking to disrupt the padlock industry. What's that? You didn't think the padlock industry needed disruption? Well, after seeing Benjilock in action, you might change your mind. Featured on Shark Tank®, Benjilock offers a biometric padlock that utilizes fingerprints in order to lock and unlock. It is water-resistant, rechargeable, and built of tough stainless steel.

Why we liked it: There's no doubt that fumbling for padlock keys or trying to remember lock combinations is a hassle. Benjilock makes securing your items easy with the touch of a finger. 

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