The TASER Bolt: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Anthony Carli on 6/21/18 11:30 AM

You already learned everything you need to know about the TASER Pulse, now its time to learn about the TASER Bolt. The TASER Bolt is simple to use, safe to own, and effective when you need it.
TASER Bolt Running Safety
The TASER Pulse and the Bolt devices operate very similarly but differ in their shape. The Bolt's sleek shape is designed for off-body carry, and attracts less attention than the TASER Pulse, which is shaped like a subcompact concealed carry pistol. The TASER Bolt uses the same cartridges as the TASER Pulse, which provide the user with a safety bubble of 15 ft (4.6m).

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Bolt is made with a safety cover that minimizes the possibility of an inadvertent activation of the trigger button. When the safety cover is closed, the Bolt is in SAFE mode, and when the safety cover is open, an LED illuminates the trigger button to indicate the Bolt is armed. In the rare event of an accidental discharge, the safety cover should be immediately closed to stop the device's cycle.

Product Features:

  • Sleek Shape: The TASER Bolt has a sleek, non-threatening design which allows users to go about their day-to-day activities without attracting any unwanted attention. The TASER Bolt is also made with a sloped handle which allows users with any hand size to utilize the product.
  • Lightweight & Pocket-Sized: Measuring at 6 x 2.10 x 1.25 inches (15.24 x 5.33 x 3.18 cm) and weighing just 5.36 oz (152 g), the TASER Bolt can fit into your purse or backpack, and can easily slip into your waistband for a run. The Bolt can also be carried with the protective soft carry-sleeve included with every purchase.
  • Powerful Protection: With the cartridges in place, the Bolt can deliver 50,000 volts and a 30-second cycle, ensuring a safe escape. The Bolt is also built with a LED Flashlight and targeting laser to help increase the chance of achieving NMI. The Bolt also has a contact stun backup that can be used in close encounters or following a missed shot.
  • Reliable: TASER is the brand trusted by law enforcement agencies around the country, and the TASER Pulse features a replaceable battery designed to last 2 years, or 50 thirty-second cycles.

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