Expert Tip: Always Carry Your TASER Device in a Holster

Posted by Jennifer Chan on 4/28/20 11:32 AM
Jennifer Chan

Movies and TV shows have taught us that tucking your device straight into a pocket or waistband is the cool way to carry. It may look cool, but safety experts will tell you that, like many things in Hollywood, you should ignore the cool way to do something and use the safe way instead.

TASER Pulse+ Holster

That’s why TASER Self-Defense experts recommend always carrying your device in a holster. Of course, how and where you carry your TASER device is a very personal choice based on how you’re most comfortable wearing and accessing. A holster simply adds an extra level of protection for you and your device:

  1. They protect the device from being dropped or damaged.
  2. They protect you from accidental discharges.

Regardless of your carry preference, we can recommend different types of holsters to ensure you can carry safely and comfortably.

Off-Body Holster Options
If you tend to stick your TASER device in a bag or purse, you’ll want a holster that fits easily and isn’t bulky to carry. These options are low-profile made from lightweight, flexible material.

On-Body Holster Options
When buying a holster for on-body wear, there are a couple factors to consider:

  • Your preferred drawing position (strongside, crossbody or appendix)
  • Inside waistband (IWB) or outside waistband (OWB)

For inside the waistband, we like the the Blade-Tech IWB Holster for Pulse/Pulse+. Made of durable Kydex material, this holster includes:

  • Secure "Pull the Dot" snaps that allow for convenient and easy on & off
  • Adjustable straps for belts ranging from 1 ¼” – 1 ¾”
  • Barrel protector to stop darts in case of accidental misfire
  • Safety cover

Sticking with inside waistband, the Crossbreed Appendix Carry Holster features a comfortable, hand-molded pocket and is ideal for those who prefer either appendix or crossbody drawing positions.

If outside the waistband is your carry preference, check out the Galco Tuck-N-Go holster. This holster features:

  • Universal Belt Clip that fits over or under the belt
  • Adjustable belt clips accommodate strongside, crossbody, or appendix carry
  • Barrel protector to stop darts in case of accidental misfire
  • Lightweight and low profile for a comfortable carry option

BONUS TIP: Train, Train, Train
Learning to use your TASER device with a holster can be a bit of adjustment. You’ll want to practice drawing your device from the holster so you’re completely comfortable when the time comes to use it for real. We’ve created a helpful video for you with tips for holster drawing, and you can always visit our training center for more device advice.

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