Professional & Self-Defense TASER Devices - What you need to know

Posted by Anthony Carli on 2/20/18 9:45 AM

Cops and security professionals carry them, and so can you. So what's the difference between what's in your holster and theirs? Check out this infographic to get the scoop on what differentiates TASER devices available to the public from those used in professional settings.

TASER Professional Series vs. TASER Consumer Series

You've likely seen the yellow handle of a TASER device peek from a holster on a police officer's duty belt. You may have seen them in action in the countless videos that pepper local news and circulate the internet. Much of the public has a general idea of what a TASER device can do in the context of law enforcement. But many are surprised to find out there are TASER devices designed specifically for non-law enforcement, self-defense purposes. In many jurisdictions, these devices are legal to own and lack many of the bureaucratic hurdles that come with firearm ownership.

You may be asking some questions. Aren't TASER devices just for cops? If not, what's the difference between what's available for purchase vs. what's issued to law enforcement officers?

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