Spark testing your TASER device

Posted by Anthony Carli on 5/15/18 5:50 PM

Whether you have a TASER Pulse or TASER Bolt, proper maintenance is integral to ensuring that you're ready to protect yourself and loved ones in a real-world situation. 

spark testing your TASER Device

We recommend that TASER device owners perform a simple “spark test” once a month. A spark test occurs when you safely arm your device WITHOUT a cartridge, pull the trigger and allow the device to go through a full 30-second cycle (5 seconds with an X2 or X26P device).

This ensures the TASER device is working properly and helps identify any routine issues that need to be addressed. A spark test will ensure that electricity is adequately arcing across the front of the device and gives vital information on battery performance.

Spark tests also help new TASER device owners learn what a functioning TASER device sounds like and how long they have to make a safe escape—30 seconds might seem like a short amount of time, but the spark test helps put into perspective how much time you actually have.

How to perform a spark test:

1. Safely point the TASER device in a safe direction.

2. Keep body parts away from the front of the cartridge.

3. Safely remove the cartridge (beware of static discharge).

4.Hold the TASER device at a safe distance away from your face, body parts and others.

5. Shift the safety switch to the up (ARMED) position (or open position if you have a Bolt device).

6. Safely pull the trigger while keeping the front of the TASER device at a safe distance from your face, body parts, and others.

7. Safely inspect the arc - visually and audibly - from an arm’s length while keeping the front of the device at a safe distance from your face, body parts, and others.

Listen for the typical spark pulse rate and if pulse rate is slow, replace the battery pack and retest. If the pulse rate is still slow, the unit can be sent to our RMA department to be inspected.

8. Shift the safety in the down (SAFE) position (or closed position if you have a Bolt device) after the device has completed its full 30 second cycle (5 seconds with an X2 or X26P device). This helps build good muscle memory and allows the device to complete any internal diagnostics.

9. Safely reload the cartridge after the spark test.

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