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Posted by Anthony Carli on 1/30/18 12:00 AM

We're coming at you every Tuesday with tips and best-practices to help you gain confidence with your TASER device. So, from now on, Tuesday is training day, people!

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Simple, everyday activities can seem insurmountable as pressure builds. We've all dropped game-winning passes, fumbled a line in an important presentation, or struggled to lock the front door when running late. Because a stressed-out brain can be a forgetful one, it is so important that TASER device owners, like you, take time to re-familiarize themselves with their device. That way, in a real-world situation, you're ready to protect yourself through instinct, not thought. This is why we launched The Lightning Club back in November 2017, and why we are starting our #TrainingTuesday series. 

Every Tuesday we'll bring you useful knowledge about TASER devices, provide answers to common questions, and give you a little nudge to practice for a few minutes. Because a bit of practice today can build confidence to address a scary situation tomorrow. To start off #TrainingTuesday, we'll answer two of the most basic questions that we hear. This is a long post, but these fundamental questions are important to understand.

What is a TASER device?

Axon (our company) has exclusive rights to use the “TASER” brand in connection with electronic weapons and accessories. “TASER” is a registered trademark, owned by Axon, registered in the US and in many countries. Over the years, the TASER brand name has been incorrectly used to describe any self-defense device that utilizes electricity, such as a stun gun. This is an incorrect use of the word TASER. 

In contrast to stun guns, our TASER devices use compressed gas to fire two probes towards a target. Those probes are connected to the TASER device through an insulated copper wire. With proper contact and a maintained circuit on the target, a TASER device is capable of inducing a physiological phenomenon called neuro-muscular incapacitation (we call it NMI). NMI can induce muscle contractions across the body at a rate of 19 contractions per second, which can render those muscles out of voluntary control. We'll cover the specific physiology of NMI in an upcoming #TrainingTuesday post.

What you need to know: If proper contact is made and the electrical circuit maintained, the target can be immobilized throughout the TASER device's 30-second cycle, giving the device owner a chance to leave their TASER product behind and make a safe escape. By contrast, stun guns generally use pain caused by an electric shock in an attempt to deter a threat.

This explainer should help clear up the confusion. 

Why carry a TASER product instead of a firearm?

We hear this question often—why not just carry a firearm? The simplest answer is that firearm laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction across the United States, making firearm ownership challenging. Businesses and government offices may also enact a “No Firearm” policy. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms—the federal organization that regulates firearms–has been clear that TASER products are not classified as guns, and can be carried discreetly and legally in many jurisdictions across the United States (though some states have limitations on TASER devices; you can read more about that here).

But beyond legal barriers, many of our customers simply aren't comfortable carrying a firearm or keeping one in the house. We aren't here to debate whether firearms are the best way to defend oneself, nor the merits of gun ownership. We're here to help contribute to safer communities with fewer assaults, because everybody deserves to live a safe, productive life. This is why we produce a self-defense tool that can be highly effective, and lacks many of the bureaucratic hurdles enacted around firearm ownership.

Next week on #TrainingTuesday

Do you know what CEW stands for? No sweat! We'll be defining all the TASER lingo so you can sound like an expert.

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